Zinko x Small Boss x Laughta – Superfly

Laughta joins forces with Zinko and Small Boss to serve up “Superfly

The work rate of Laughta is nothing but commendable. Juggling radio sets with her own personal work and still serving us high quality content.

Today, we see the multi-talented female MC team up withZinko and MC Small Boss to deliver a unique offering by the name of “Superfly”.

Encompassing the essence of a futuristic vibe, the high energy riddim co-produced by Zinko and Small Boss moulds around the unrepeatable flows of the MC’s. Whilst all so unique in their approach, they seemingly bind together to create a certifiably special lyrical showcase.

To accompany the quirky track, a vibrant, high-spirited set of visuals. It seems the production almost captures a comic book theme with the use of transitions and colour. The sense of energy is undeniably carried throughout the track and visuals, engraving the sense of vibrancy and fun until the end.

Take in the visuals via the link!

Shan Selena @seljw99

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