Yizzy – Prince Of Grime Documentary

Yizzy – Prince Of Grime (Documentary)

Yizzy is one of  the most promising new-gen MCs in the grime scene at the moment. He has taken the grime scene by storm this year, setting the scene alight with his two Prince Of Grime freestyles/diss tracks and big tracks, like “Thierry Henry” and “Grime” with legend Jme.

Now he has compiled over 4 years of footage into a documentary – just shy of 10 minutes – to present his rise from Young Yizzy from Lewisham into the Prince of Grime.

It opens with his interview with Robert Bruce of Capital Xtra, where he responds to the question about his legacy, saying he wants to be the “Jay-Z of the UK”, with his own record label and being able to push and support others like he has been in his career.

Then, it segues into the origin of the Prince of Grime moniker, where Yizzy explains it caught on after a joke posted online when meeting the now ex-royal Prince Harry. He obviously ran with this and challenged other MCs to take the title away from him in the first and second Prince of Grime tracks, with the third coming very shortly, along with the EP, scheduled for release on the 20th of November.

He also documents being able to play Glastonbury at 17 through the “Emerging Talent” competition that they run, which was a life-changing experience for him, and enabled him to get a foot in the door in this challenging industry and play more and more big shows.

The establishment of RTL (Remember To Live) Records is another huge moment depicted in this doc, where he was told that “if everything was to crumble and fall apart tomorrow [..] no one can take your label away from you”. Yizzy states that the label also sends a message to those caught up in their lives, whether they be chaotic or expressing a fake lifestyle, who don’t find the time to live their lives, to be themselves.

This is a great, short watch from Yizzy and the EP drop along with the third instalment of the Prince of Grime series will be exciting as well.

Jack @Jacksquared_

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