XP Burstgang Ft. Murkage Dave ‘Sometimes’

XP BURSTGANG Unveils Visuals for ‘Sometimes’ Ft Murkage Dave

Keeping up the consistency, Manchester born artist XP BURSTGANG has had an incredible year. But he is not ready to let it end just yet. XP created waves across the country following the release of his debut project ‘Better Late Than Never’ a fitting title after a long period of not releasing too much.

Produced by Blunt we hear a soft, piano-led instrumental. Slowly introducing you to the emotional journey that XP is about to take us on.

“Life’s not like Disney. Out there like Gypsy so miss me with you missed me.”

‘Sometimes’ takes proud place as the closing track on ‘Better Late Than Never’ and was one of the clear fan favourites from the debut project. XP BURSTGANG explores a more melodic sound in comparison to a lot of what we are used to hearing. Putting his vulnerabilities on the table in an emotional track that speaks on tougher times.

“Is this all a simulation? Everything I’m Facing.”

Ending with a gentle verse from Murkage Dave we hear a plethora video game related double entendres. Comparing the struggles of life with the challenges faced in video games, expressing how we have to go through these struggles to experience growth and that’s it’s not as easy as just switching off.

Directed by Chazz Adnitt, the visuals stay super simple. Picturing both XP BURSTGANG and Murkage Dave in the studio. Focusing on just how powerful their lyrics are, the warmth of the shots and the VHS cuts into older recordings compliment the track beautifully.

Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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