Wiley – Free Spirit – In Review – By DirtyCipher

Wiley has come on a deeper wave for this one, still, as he takes stock of his journey in music, he shares some truths, about his life, the industry, and the up and down nature of his journey, which he delivers real, raw, and straight up, like only Wiley does.

Patterning a laid back riddim, made up of two uplifting vocal samples for the melody line, a smooth, low, synth bassline, clean drums, skippy hihats, and a record crackle, Wiley has shelled this one with a softer, emptier flow, matching the tone of the track, with the spaces between each bar almost marking a pause for reflection, as he takes look back at where he’s been, and simultaneously, towards where he’s going now. A clever effect.

Over the course of the track, we get a deeper insight into how Wiley has viewed his own journey in the game, as he spits about being amazed at how far everybody has come since they all started in this music ting. He’s been crew, but he’s always been a ‘one man band’, and though he understands every man has to eat, he doesn’t see it as right to just take from any one man, and not give back. Deep.

This is understandable, considering the number of people within the scene Wiley has helped, or given a platform to. He laments that the time for being crew may have passed, but reminds us that he won’t be held back by it. He’s still Wiley, still loves it,  still earning, still uplifting as many people as possible, and their families, to boot. He talks about being done dirty in the scene, simply because people’s greed overwhelms their loyalty; ‘everybody wanna be the 1, but nobody wanna be the 2 or the 3’, and while you can hear that it’s bothered him, he reminds everyone he will never be the one to take it laying down, he’s Wiley, he’s keeping it a buck.

Later he reflects on how fast the last 20 years went, and how studio is all he knows, but that he’s not wasting any time sore over burned bridges, or sour because he chose to stay real, rather than sell out. He reminds them man, that that is how he’s still unmatched; he came from the roads, became a sick producer, sick MC, and stayed real, stayed grounded, stayed to help as many people as possible, despite being tired, and even despite being blocked from bags for it, he recalls that he has always, and will always keep it real. He points out the risks it took to build this ting, from the ground up, and muses that while it’s been a wild ride, and he’s seen things he wished he hadn’t, he’ll keeping it moving, and he’ll stay being Wiley.

Heavy fire, he never misses. Check for it here !


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