Wiley – Bruce Wayne – In Review – By DirtyCipher

Wiley – ‘Bruce Wayne’, Prod. Dexplicit

With intentions of saving ‘the city’ (the village/Grime scene) with this one, Wiley’s come on a Batman tip, with Dexplicit on the buttons. 

Kicking off with a dramatic string intro, alongside heavy horn stabs interwoven with longer notes, the beat drops proper and the stabs become a little distorted for the bassline, the string melody becomes much more urgent, with shorter, almost hurried notes, and the whole riddim is patterned with a heavy kick, snare combo, and some skippy hihats for that essential Grime finish. 

Wiley comes through with his unmistakable punch and clarity, to share a little more info, on the events of the past year within the scene, and the future of Grime, as he sees it.

Referencing being sent for, left and right, during 2019, and in particular by Stormzy, Wiley opens the track reminding them man that he wouldn’t have clashed anyone at all, if they hadn’t piped up when he had 2 2 tings to say about the use of Grime, and it’s credibility by mainstream musicians, such as Ed Sheeran, or the fact that it appears to be a one way door, into the wider music scene as a whole for Grime MCs, but that they rarely come back. Wiley makes it clear that he’s certainly not about to clash anyone that’s only on the hunt for clout, while he cautions anyone who still wants to try about his 3x victory, over Stormzy.

He notes that he’s tired of everyone claiming they made Grime, or made it bigger, etc, etc., and recalls that he’s been in the trenches from day, and still, though certain people, it would appear, would rather forget who gave them their come up.

Later he stresses that he will never accept a man slandering his sisters, they’re the only crew he recognises, he’s building and celebrating with them, always. He mentions how the numbers were fixed over last year’s ‘top’ song (which he showed evidence of at the time, his numbers were better), and asks why anyone celebrated that, reminding them man that he actually came from a place he should’ve failed from, and still won, cementing the notion the victory is sweeter for him, because it’s real. He remarks that he didn’t ride anyone’s coattails to get there, nor did he sell himself straight out once he had, and forget to look back.

He points out that everyone who’s clashed him this year, has run from the smoke in the end, because when he competes, he’s prepared to take a bigger risk than anyone, and goes all in. He says he ain’t letting no man ride his wave of realness any more. He’s the one who did the work, and they’ll have to find some credibility elsewhere. He later shares certain man have been riding the wave of his success completely, having catted his flows and jumped on his wave from day, and he challenges them to put up like he has, and bring it back to ‘the village’. 

He ends the verse pointing out that he is going to accept the fact that 2 2 man said they didn’t like him in this last year, but warns that he’ll still have the whole scene on lock. Wiley closes the riddim letting everyone know he’s gonna take the slice that’s owed to him, noone’s going to successfully block him, and he will continue to share his platform and provide opportunities to those coming up behind him, as he always has.

Wiley delivers every time, pioneering, reppin’, and providing for his ‘city’ from early until day. 

Another certi track (Here) to hold you over ‘till the album drops…Cold!

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