Wiley – Anti systemic

Wiley – Anti systemic

Wiley brings us long awaited album Anti Systemic featuring so much up and coming talent such as Duppy, Queen Millz, Olja beats, Laughta, Faultsz, FFSYTHO and many more have been brought onto this project giving this project a whole next vibe since it is backed by so much talent from our scene.

The album opens with the three singles that have already been released. Tourbus, Tinted Metro and Ain’t Gonna Fold which feature Wiley setting the atmosphere for this project on his own with the exception of Kozzie on Ain’t Gonna Fold.

Crack City is the first rally type tune featuring Capo Lee, Faultsz, Tia Talks, K9 and Scrufizzer which really sets levels for this album in terms of bars and ability for artists on this project. The tune is set in a 16-bar format with no hook allowing for everyone to just keep peppering the tune one after another and keeping the energy high.

Riddim Fe Get Sprayed holds up the energy which features a similar format to Crack City however verses are spread out by hooks on this one. Duppy, SBK and Cadell come through on this one keeping up the vibe and proving that the Grime essence is still very much alive. The instrumental features experimental Rude Kid production that feature heavy bassline elements in sound and tone, as well as keeping the classic Rude Kid Grime energy with orchestral strings and high-pitched synths.

On the next tune Wiley pays his respects to some of his foundation including DJ Slimzee and Rinse FM. The tune carries the old school pirate radio energy with the Garage vibe in its production and in both Wiley and Preshus’ styles with the tune being a clear call back to Rinse FM sets from the early 2000s where Grime was still finding its footing as a genera. The instrumental features wavy ambient synths and old school club basslines reminiscent of when the music was less complex, and the sounds were able to speak for themselves more.

Tell Them Again starts off with an inspiring speech from John Fury about being smart around bad situations in order to better himself which sets the scene well for the topics that this tune covers. The tune features JME singing on the hook as well as verses from Tommy B and Mez.

When I’m Gone completely switches up the vibe with Wiley bringing out another side of himself that we don’t get to see as much throughout all of the Grime energy speaking on his own feelings whilst being very direct in his words. The tune features Queen Millz singing on the hook with the perfect tone for this instrumental which really brings the setting together for this style of tune in particular via speaking on the negatives that come with love and breakups. The tune also features verses from Laughta and SBK speaking on losing close people around them which does a really good job of closing out the tune.

Wiley continues this vibe on his next tune Yo Yo with more ambient production and wavy hooks. Roxxx and FFSYTHO join him on this tune speaking on the gyaldem, through the lens of their own lifestyles, in their verses.

Wiley brings back the dark and futuristic energy on Economy with Realz. Maniac’s production features a lot of ambient vox with sub synth bass to give the tune that dark edge which allows for Wiley to display his frustration with the music industry and how it treated his scene, such as all the opportunities that were taken away when the scene was drowned out to make money for the business’s that never had anything to do with it before they tried to monopolise it.

On the next tune Move Goal Posts Wiley speaks on his frustration with people’s expectations as well as speaking from a younger’s perspective in the scene. He also speaks on what’s going on with his online presence as well as some of the clashing that has been happening in the scene such as Stormzy vs Chip.

The final tune Chat For The Web closes out the album perfectly coming with that hard Grime energy really that started it all. Faultsz opens up the tune with his chat for the web hook which is pure grease and sets the vibe for this one perfectly. Wiley and Kozzie both do an amazing job of keeping the energy up throughout their verses which can be very hard to do when you have a powerful hook like this one on a tune. The tune features production from The Heavytrackerz with powerful orchestral stabs as well as ambient sounds and light bass switching up throughout the tune providing a heavy Grime riddim to end off on.

On this album Wiley does an amazing job of showing us what he is still capable of making some of the biggest hits in the scene whilst bringing through new talent who have come from the Grime scene in recent years and has been able to make all of the styles fit onto these bangers whilst being extremely diverse in sound.

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Written by BagZe (@Bxgze)

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