Warz Ft. Dizzle – Nutz

Hailing from Luton, dynamic barrer Warz has kept us enticed with his distinctive baritone sounds and his ever growing repertoire of beats and bars.

This ‘New Music Friday’ has seen the release of a brand new track for the MC, featuring Dizzle, “Nutz” has found its way onto the scene.

Over a skippy beat courtesy of OdotZED, we hear the emerging MC shell down incorporating his gassed up flow and heavy bars seamlessly. Warz spares next to no energy on this track, an infectiously hyped up riddim.

We have to highly commend the MC for his tenacity and passion towards the new grime scene as he continues to demonstrate to us why all grime fans should know the name Warz.

Shan Selena @Seljw99

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