Villain Ft. Reece West ‘Lacazette’ Interview By Queen Bekz

Villian a long standing MC from East London collaborated on his new track Lacazette with Fellow Arsenal enthusiast Reece West, Queen Bekz caught up with him for a chat 

QB: So how did the collaboration between you & Reece West come about? 

Villz: Well he came to my attention from a clash on Rude Kids show and I think he lost that one – but then he came back the next year and he definitely did better and I thought yeah I like that guy, plus we’re both Arsenal fans so we have that common ground. It felt normal to holla at him as he’s always passionate about it 

QB: How has it been for you musically during the pandemic? 

Villz: I released the track Move To with Stormin in April. I’ve just been trying to keep active it’s easy for me as I have my own set up so I’ve just been working with people that have their own studio. I’ve done something with J Beatz, that’s going to come out and then I’ve got something with Swaro and are planning a video for that so I personally haven’t found it too difficult 

QB: So you’ve been fairly active, is there a project or EP on the way? 

Villz: Yes there will be I’ve just been trying to get consistent with dropping music, not dropping a single and then with life and everything disappearing for a while before the next release. 
Everything is starting to get patterned I’m working with a producer Izamik ( who produced P Money’s Is Someone There) and the work just flows between us but yeah there’s bits scheduled with the label

QB: For those that don’t know you started in Mucky WolfPack, Invasion Alert, you’ve been on Lord of The Mics and a few Don’t Flop clashes – do you think clashing is something you’ll do again going forward?

Villz:  ha ha I have mixed feelings about this,
I see a clash and get gassed and think – Yo I wanna get back into this, I’m a clash MC from early youth club and all that. Lord of the mics 1 made me write bars. But I’m getting older now, it’s different my kids are old enough to watch so i have to start thinking but I’ll always love it but it’s always nice to take a back seat, but who knowS if all the elements are right, opponent etc then I’d probably be down

QB: So Lacazette is produced by Maniac and you’ve mentioned you’ve got something with J Beatz coming up are there any producers that you want to work with that you haven’t worked with

Villz: There’s producers I’ve worked with once that I’d like to work with again, I’ve always been a big admirer of Swifta (Beater) from when I was in Invasion and he was Stay Fresh. There’s loads there’s so many new producers coming I don’t really know who’s doing what cos I’ve just been in my bubble. Teddy is on smoke, D.O.K, but as I mentioned I’ve been working Izamik closely I play PlayStation with him and I’d be hearing beats in the background and didn’t even know he produced he’s definitely one to watch. His work rate is crazy and it’s just come naturally.

QB: Who’s your favourite producer? 

Villz: I can’t do it 

QB: These are the difficult questions now ha ha ha 

Villz: It’s hard man, two years ago someone asked me and I gave my top 5 and then after realised I missed 5, there’s so many dons it’s mad. The obvious names I’ve mentioned Rude Kid, Sir Spyro, Teddy, Maniac but for right now maybe I’m biased cos I’m working with him but Izamik for me.

QB: J Beatz is one of my favourites, he always brings a vibe that you want to dance to 

Villz: Yes man, he’s so underrated as well. He’s got that proper old school grime element that makes you want to skank or do a mazza on the beat.

QB: What would be your favourite all time instrumental

Villz: Ok with the instrumentals I think it’s not just the instrumental it’s the memory that it brings up too, so my favourite would have to be Wiley’s Dragon Stout, If I heard this in the youth club I knew it was that time, it’s time to shell 

QB: Who is your favourite MC? 

Villz: You’re killing me man, it’s mad the 3 MC’s that made me want to MC are Dizzee Rascal, Wiley & Crazy Titch.
I like all 3 of them, I think I got my energy and flow a bit from Dizzee & Titch, but I just loved Wiley cos he clashed anyone, but you can’t forget Kano, Ghetts, D Double E, there’s so many man, Discarda so many man there’s a lot of youngers 

QB: Do you think this pandemic is affecting Grime negatively? 

Villz: The music coming out now is different as we have a different energy as that’s all we can do right now, not everyone has access to home studio and we’re not really out there doing events it’s a shame cos Big up Sharky Major he just got going with Grime Originals having all generations coming out and enjoying grime properly again and was doing well. Now it’s all live streams but you never know it could also be a blessing cos everyone’s going to miss it so much that when we are able to do events properly it might just bang off and people will appreciate it 

QB: I miss the dance – but there’s some Grime Originals streams coming up so I’ll look forward to them 

Villz: Ok well at least they’re trying to make ways of patterning for the artists and the fans 

QB: Well thank you for speaking with me and I look forward to what’s coming up 

Villz: Love Bekz thanks for this 

Bekz @QueenBekz

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