Trillary Banks ‘RIP Aunty Nolay’

A clash between Nolay and Trillary Banks has had us hooked to the socials as we witness the pair fire shots in the form of some fiery diss tracks.

For context, the pair have had tension brewing for a while now, with savagery via social media lighting the fuse and combusting into a full blown war.

We witnessed Nolay in a gutsy send entitled “Choke On My Name”, it appears the female MC didn’t hold back, only ignoring the feud further.

So now, Trillary has wasted no time in serving up a response. “RIP Auntie Nolay”, dropped onto music platforms, enrapturing fans into the ongoing drama. Lyrical warfare in the form of brave, no chill disses, rocking a lavish, memorable face covering; outdoing everyone on the mask game.

With both female barrers dishing out smoke, can we expect some further clashes? Stay locked to see how this one pans out.

Shan Selena @Seljw99

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