Trillary Banks – Resurrector (Nolay Response)

Trillary Banks – Resurrector (Nolay Response)

Less than 24 hours after Nolay dropped “Corn”, Trillary Banks has replied with “Resurrector”, in an attempt to end the war and have power over Nolay on the mic.

She has a pig’s head in the video which she batters with a baseball bat, which she replicates with her bars. She goes for Nolay’s skill on the microphone, dropping the flows and wordplay that Nolay uses to try to take back microphone superiority over her.

She also brings Nolay’s dad into the beef, so it will be very interesting to see, if Nolay responds, and what she comes with, since she said on her Instagram that she’ll be “too busy to reply to any more clout chasing washed up disses”, but if she does go back on her word for one last track, this will be very interesting.

Jack @Jacksquared_

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