Tommy B – Man Up 

Tommy B – Man Up 

Tommy B is one of the most exciting new-gen grime MC’s and after his successful “Lockdown EP” released over lockdown (no surprise there), he has released his new EP: “Man Up”, a collaboration with producers Zdot x Krunchie.

The EP opens with “Why”, a single released earlier this year. The classic Zdot production sound is prevalent through this song and the next, “For A Minute”. The EP certainly opens exceptionally and demonstrates Tommy B’s talent as a new-gen MC with intricate rhyme schemes and flows.

The EP then takes on a slightly different sound with “Celebration”, which sees Tommy reflect on himself and take pride in what he’s done, over an upbeat instrumental. “All The Way” is more chilled and laid back, which is dedicated to his partner.

“No Dramas” is a garage banger, which would definitely go off in the clubs if they were open, and will when they do. This also has a remix which closes the EP off, featuring Cardiff MC Local and Leicester’s Kamakaze. These were also both released earlier in the year.

“Man Up” takes a sharp turn away from the feel good vibe of the last 3 tracks, where Tommy B opens up about the suffering he has been through mentally in his life so far, and the difficulty he faces as an MC coping with it all.

“All That” featuring Jafro, also released earlier in the year, directs the EP back towards the sound in the opening of the EP, in which we hear Tommy and Jafro exchange fiery flows over a brilliant instrumental.

This EP is a great release from Tommy B and is definitely something that will be on repeat for a long time. Grime is in good hands.

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