The Den Episode 2 Via YouTube

Another episode of The Den dropped last night, and it was fire!
First up were DJ Oblig and Tommy B, who vibed really well off one another, with Oblig setting Tommy up to go into orbit, Tommy killed the set, with his infectious energy, excellent mic control, and crisp punchy flows. earning the respect of all the MCs on deck.

Next up was the OGs Flowdan and Irah, who’s mic control is effortless, and who both can light up a dance with just one go on the mic, spitting back to back and bringing fire to the set, with Docious coming in at the end on smoke, too! This set is a whole wave!

Later DJ J-BO and MC Creed take the stage, and carry us away on a wavey house and garage setting, for the last part of the stream, matching each other’s wave flawlessly throughout, making you think of summer vibes.

Another successful live from ‘The Den’ crew, catch up!

DirtyCipher @DirtyCipher

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