The Best of Kiss Grime Xmas Special

The Best of Kiss Grime Xmas Special

Due to the lack of Christmas sets this year Rude Kid has puts together some highlights of his past Christmas sets on Kiss FM featuring legendary Mc’s of Grime such as Flirta D, Killa P, Manga, Chronik, Armour, Nasty Jack, Sharky Major and many more even showing clashes from his sets such as So Large vs Capo Lee, Funky Dee vs Mischief, Funky Dee vs Rival and Reece West vs Saint P. The younger generation are also shown off a lot such as Logan, SBK, Gen, Jafro, Faultsz, Tommy B and many more.

The video is full of sick reloads however the highlights give Mc’s time to bar as well with clips being around a few minutes each, so they get time to show of their best and most legendary bars.

The instrumentals being played in the sets sound more modern and experimental however the big riddims that everyone loves are still getting their time to shine in these sets and even drops a few old school bangers such as Alias Gladiator. Rude Kid is mixing on all sets.

Overall this video contains some of the best moments from Grime sets of all time and is an excellent testament to what Rude Kid and Kiss FM have done for the Grime scene. Considering this is almost a 2 hour video it continues to grab your attention all the way to the end, the clashes are spaced out and the sick reloads and bars are everywhere else.

BagZe @Bxgze

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