TenBillionDreams X Ghetts X Myerz X Villz ‘Newham’

Newham – TenBillionDreams, Ghetts, Myerz, Villz

Puma, in partnership with streaming giants Spotify, have launched their brand new “Suede Music Studio” in Ladbroke Grove, coinciding with the 2020 launch of their classic Suede shoe.

The first track made in this new studio is a banger that brings together 3 different generations of lyrical talent from Newham, an area that has birthed an abundance of musical talent. Ghetts, Myers and Villz (with clean, powerful production from TenBillionDreams) combine to create a brilliant track, which perfectly depicts each of their perspectives of their home town.  

Ghetts himself says in a trailer posted to Instagram that: ”Our perspectives may differ in certain places and that’s what I’m trying to get across on this track.” This collaboration sends a message of unity to the rest of Newham and demonstrates an intent to spark a change for better in the borough, putting aside any differences.

All three drop heat in their verses and is a great look for Newham’s array of talent.

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