Ten Dixon – Virgo Feelings

Ten Dixon – Virgo Feelings

Ten Dixon is back with new single Virgo Feelings featuring some of the most personal bars he’s had on a tune and used this as a sort of retrospective on his life.

Ten Dixon opens up the tune with a clip of a conversation where he is talking to his friends about family and enjoying the mindset that being around them puts him in. He then leads into a quick 8 bar acapella before the beat comes in setting the tone for the tune with Ten slowing down the flow slightly all letting the ambience of the beat give us time for the lyrics to sink in. Ten brings the energy back up overtime closing out the second half of the tune with styles that you can hear him using when shutting down shows and sets.

The instrumental was produced by Danio aka Husky Loops and features wavy synths and hard sub bass creating a deep ambient atmosphere for Ten Dixon to express himself on, this is one of those beats that allows the listener to take in the lyrics more as they flow between the ambient sounds in the tune.

This tune allows us to see another side of Ten Dixons personality that we don’t get to see too much with him going into his deeper thoughts of where he wants to be and frustration with where he is and things around him. A lot of the biggest topics on this tune include different mind states which can be seen when switching up the lyrics throughout the tune. Its sick to see Ten Dixon in a comfortable place with the music where he is able to put this much depth into a tune without having it feel too personal to let people in on and shows how much he has matured as an artist.

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Written by BagZe (@Bxgze)

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