Taliifah Ft. Tommy B ‘I’m Charged’, Prod. Biggaman

Two of the scene’s hungriest and most talented up and comers, Taliifah and Tommy B, have linked up to today drop uncompromising new track ‘I’m Charged’.

Taliifah wastes little time before ripping apart the Biggaman production, beginning the track with her venomously delivered hook – immediately announcing “I’m Charged”. She delivers two fierce verses, declaring her lofty ambitions in the scene and her credentials for getting there, before Tommy B then jumps in after a round of Taliifah’s hook. Tommy is equally not hanging around on this track, bringing his inimitable energy to make sure everyone knows that he too is destined for the very top of the scene. 

Tommy and Taliifah really haven’t messed around with this one and it doesn’t look like they’re going to start slacking any time soon, making their intentions clear with this one.
Run the audio here!

Kase @OriginalKamS

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