Syer B x Devlin ‘Channelling Rain’

Dagenham legends Devlin and Syer B are back firing off bars together on new five-track EP ‘Channelling Rain’

Former OT Crew members Devlin and Syer B have reunited once more to drop a brand new EP entitled ‘Channelling Rain’, packed full of venomous flows and thumping beats.

The tone for the EP is set from the very first line of the first track on the project as UK music legend Devlin dares other MCs to “Try Step” just as the track’s colossal bassline kicks in. Syer B then jumps in on the action and both MCs are able to flaunt their vocal dexterity and bring relentless energy to the track.

After that hugely impactful introduction to the project (actually titled ‘Try Step’), the Dagenham duo deliver the title track ‘Channelling Rain’. Again the pair are able to show their unique MCing abilities going back to back and bouncing off each other’s energy; the chemistry that they have developed is abundantly clear.

The EP is well weighted and ‘Play It Cool’, a personal standout that follows those two high-energy tracks at the start of the project, has a more eerie, suppressed vibe to it than the rest of the project. Devlin’s hook on the track serves as a chilling warning to those potentially with ideas above their station, whilst SN1’s Kyze and Rawz Artilla add to this with a pair of brilliant feature verses.

Devlin and Syer B are one of the scene’s most distinguished duos, something they made clear in 2018 with their last joint EP ‘Something in the Water’. The long-standing musical bond that they hold is almost unparalleled and this project is another example of the two MCs working together in perfect harmony to showcase their talents. Hopefully we can get a third joint EP to complete a trilogy…

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