Syer B- Self Prognosis 

Syer B- Self Prognosis
When the name Syer B crops up, it’s likely that his knack for intricate bars and memorable rhymes comes to mind- he cruises full throttle in his own lane.
Somewhat of a veteran on the grime stomping ground, the MC/producer has earned his stripes with a noteworthy inventory of cold riddims and mixtapes. Not forgetting, he has worked alongside some of the biggest names in grime including Wiley and JME.
Syer has now returned with a brand-new album entitled “Self Prognosis”- the heavy hitting 12-parter takes us on a lyrical expedition, celebrating the career of a grime scene staple.
Having touched down on streaming platforms earlier today, it is apparent from the first play that Syer B has given the project his all. Housing a versatile menu of instrumentals, each one sets the pace for Syer to let his pen game loose and touch mic with a varying selection of lyrical content. He glides over each track seamlessly, from the swift flows of “Let Go of Me” to the intense depths of “Lost”.
The body of work also hosts a list of vocal features from the likes of Devlin, Nolay, Tommy B, Clancy and Monkstar. Each creative brings their own creative stance to the tape, complimenting the Dagenham MC with ease.
Take in “Self Prognosis” here .
Written by Shan Selena (@shanselenaj)

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