Stormzy ‘Superheroes’

Stormzy has dropped another moving song and video, at this, a very tumultuous and difficult time in black people’s lives and histories, in a bid to uplift and guide those that may be feeling hopeless.
The visuals released with this tune are bold, and beautifully coloured cartoon images, that follow the bars throughout.
The bars themselves are a message of empowerment for black people. Stormzy asks that black men ‘Please stay alive‘, and be the superheroes they were destined to be, and implores black women not to give up on them. He shares in solidarity that he feels he will never be seen as equal, regardless of his successes, and shouts out Little Simz as being an example of excellence, while lamenting that the world is not yet ready to receive her.

He prays for better days for all his people, since they’ve been such a long time coming. Deep.




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