Star.One x Trillary Banks x Backroad Gee – This Way Pt. 2

Star.One x Trillary Banks x Backroad Gee – This Way Pt. 2

Multi-talented production powerhouse Star.One have delivered a high-energy “Part 2” to their summer hit “This Way”, featuring rising stars Backroad Gee and Trillary Banks

Production duo Star.One have shown once again that they are definitely amongst the UK’s most innovative and versatile producers, flipping their upbeat jam ‘This Way’ and turning it into a brand new beast. There is definitely a distinct change in vibe between ‘Pt. 2’ and the original and this new version of the track employs a slightly darker mood with the original’s joyful piano chords being replaced by a deeper-set drum pattern.  However, in spite of this the new version of the track still maintains a lot of the original’s buoyant energy, which is translated through its hard-hitting bassline and maintained use of the sample from Soul II Soul’s classic hit ‘Back to Life’ on the hook.

For Pt. 2, the Star.One brothers have enlisted the help of East London’s prodigious talent Backroad Gee and recalled Leicester’s finest Trillary Banks for a brand new verse – very different from her verse on the original. Backroad Gee delivers the first onslaught, attacking the track with his trademark vim and punchy ad-libs and Trillary then follows after the chorus with an excellent verse, oozing with self-confidence and swagger.

The track is wonderfully put together and the vocal energy of these two fast rising stars of the game together on this hard-hitting beat with such iconic samples gives it a really vibrant and exciting feel, perfect for the clubs (if they were open!). Both vocalists have been the talk of the net of late; Backroad Gee has recently dropped two heavyweight tracks in ‘My Family’ with Pa Salieu and ‘Enough is Enough’ with grime legends Lethal Bizzle and Jme; and Trillary has been engaged in a lyrical war with veteran spitter Nolay.

Star.One themselves have commented “We wanted to make a UKG track that sounded very much like it belongs in 2020. Backroad Gee brought the energy and to see how he’s growing now has been sick. Trillary also really smashed her new verse as well – pure fire. We’re glad we could all link up on this one”

This is not the first time Star.One have delivered the goods in early December as around this time last year they worked on the production for IKEA’s iconic Christmas advert featuring D Double E. The duo refuse to be penned into any one genre; working across a mix of grime, garage, house, jungle and a range of other sounds. ‘This Way’ was their first release on label Positiva Records and we are led to believe there is much more exciting music to come.

Kase @OriginalKamS

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