Spooky Bizzle – CLARTY DUB 003: RUN 4 COVER V​.​I​.​P

On this tune Spooky used chopped up Reggae stabs on top of bass and uses saw stabs to add breaks. The bass stabs get harder and parts of the tune also have gunshot breaks in them to give the tune more energy.

Even though this tune is does not use too many different sounds the way that the riffs are played out are very refreshing and they all stand out from each other and give the tune an edge that most Grime tunes don’t have when it comes to catching the listeners attention, this is what “genera mixing” should sound like.

This is one of the most interesting tunes I’ve heard all year it sounds nothing like the normal Grime sound that we have come to know today. All the chopped up Reggae stabs in the tune provide for such a different sounding Grime tune that you wouldn’t think would work however all the sounds in the tune mix together in a way that I have never heard before. Definitely one of the best tunes I’ve heard this year.

BagZe @BxgZe

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