Skins Corleone x Cadell ‘Cosa Nostra’

Skins Corleone summons the unparalleled talents of Cadell for an ice-cold joint project ‘Cosa Nostra’

North London’s surreptitious artist Skins Corleone has called upon Bow E3’s finest Cadell for a brilliantly executed five-track project ‘Cosa Nostra’. The project has a wonderfully cohesive feel to it and each track on the Mafia-themed project gives off the same chilling aura. Both artist’s styles complement the other perfectly and the project delivers a perfect representation of each’s artistry. 

Skins’ enchanting melodies and the wonderful selection of mellow beats provide the eerie focal point that brings the project together; on the other hand, Cadell peppers the project with stunning verses on each track, showing off his unparalleled lyrical dexterity and larger than life presence. Highlights include his two verses on ‘Wrong Route’ (the first of which gets the track off to an explosive start that will have listeners immediately sat up taking notice) and his verse on ‘Mile High’.

The project’s titular track ‘Cosa Nostra’ is placed at the beginning of the EP and is a great tone setter for the project. Skins’ haunting vocal style, with his distinctive accent and suave tone immediately on show, provides the perfect balance for Cadell’s unrivalled versatility of flow which shines through on the relaxed beat.

This project shows two of the scene’s most prodigiously talented and elusive artists coming together to create a brilliant body of work that leaves you wanting more. Both artists have long been recognised for their singular talents but have been somewhat relatively inconsistent with official releases available on DSPs – however, both artists have displayed exemplary work rate of late with Cadell recently dropping a number of high quality visuals and Skins Corleone following up his 2019 project ‘La Verna’ (that featured Cadell as well as old hand of the UK music scene Maverick Sabre) with a slew of singles this year. Hopefully there is more to come from the two, two of the UK’s most rarefied talents. 

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