Skatta ‘Hardships’ – Review & Interview, by DirtyCipher

Skatta has produced a wicked project, which is a excellent exposé on his own life, and the world as he see it, alongside a variety of styles and features, which showcase the different sides of both these things.

‘Hardships’, Ft. Trap Jesus

Backed by piano and bell synth melodies, this one is an exposé of how Skatta views the world, spitting about all types of struggles such as racism, lockdown, financial hardship, prison systems, and police brutality, he shares that everything should be viewed through a critical lens. Deeper ones.

‘Sprayground, Ft. Swat Team Beats

This one comes a little grittier, with a heavy bassline, booming 808, and a high pitched, warning-like synths, this one is about being the best MC, with clever word play based around spraying the best bars. Wavey.

‘Homage’ Ft. LDizz, Kriptik, Clipson & J Fresh’

With ‘homage’ to Grime sets this one’s hard, with a greazyyy baseline/melody, full drums, computer synths and ad-libs throughout, and each man shells the track cold, spitting about being the best MCs, getting a bag, being on it from early, paying their dues, and the youngers not having earned it yet, reminding them man that they built the ting, still. Banger!

‘We Run The Tings’ Ft. Clipson, Oneda, Tarju Le’Sano, Kriptik & Mac James

Changing pace a little with pulsing, atmospheric melodies, hard drums, and bars about not needing the fame, spitting about real things, having been on it from early, and being the illest. Wavy!

‘King Kong’ Ft. Juberlee & LawlessProd

Switching it up again with an offkey melody, a prominent kick/snare and rolling hihats, the bars are patterned with questions about what type of things should be repped in a riddim, whether it’s time to stop glorying certain things, and start being more real with it, and who’s responsible. Deeper vibes.

‘No Machine’ Ft. Tarju Le’Sano & OH91

Coming on a haunting string melody,with busy drums, a softly sung hook, and vocal accents, this ones about doing it for the love of Grime, not money, staying independent, working hard and doing it with graft, unlike the fakes who buy their way to the top. Smokey ones.

‘Spooky’ Ft. DJ KDubz

The closing track has a strong Oriental vibe, with bell synths, a pulsing bass line, and tambourine accents, this one talks about being in trouble from early, starting to spit real young, and wanting a simpler way of life now, just making good music, and chilling. Vibes.

A very wavey project, all round, we asked Skatta some questions about himself, the project, and his hopes for his music career…

What made you start doing Grime?

I was watching Channel U heavily from 2006-07, I was watching guys like Dizzee Rascal, Sharky Major, SLK with Hype Hype (Flirta D stuck out to me from young) and there would be MCs at the end of my street, spitting on the corner. I remember going up to them intrigued, wanting to get involved, I had to get involved. It drew me in instantly, so I went to my first studio session with a sing star microphone, and audacity software, at a friends grandparents house in Radford Coventry.

What has made you stick with it?

It’s been a way of life for me since my early teens so its something I’ve carried with me, I respect this music so much tbh, I don’t know what id do without it, it’s the way I think, it’s who I am it’s my environment, where I live, where I’m from, I AM GRIME in other words. In the past I’ve had many offers to become a sell-out, but i’ve always remained an MC up until now, that stays true to Grime, and its culture in the U.K.

Who is your inspiration?

I have more than 1 inspiration in Grime, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Sharky Major, Flirta D, Slew Dem Mafia, Clipson, Nasty Jack, Kano and many more, besides.

What made you decide to try to spread a more positive message in Grime?

I’ve had alot negative perspective in my lyrics and so i wanted to make the change i wanted to show a different side to my artistry and prove I can bring relevant substance in today’s society, many of us mc’s we talk from our experiences in day to day life but i wanted tune into the bad experiences people in britain go thru everyday with a positive outlook.

You’ve worked with a lot of people, who would you most like to work with, in the future?

I am not too bothered about collaborating with the top MC in the charts, I care more about working with producers from the early grime scene, and learning from them. Getting mentored by the first generations MCs is important, if i could work with anyone it would have a to be Dizze Rascal, Sharky Major, Kano and Nasty Jack.

What would you like people to take away from this project?

Substance, real lyricism, hunger, social injustices, financial hardships, etc., the most important thing really, is that I want them to really deep the messages, and be woke to the current times we’re facing.

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