Sir Spyro x YGG (Saint P x Lyrical Strally x PK) Set

Sir Spyro x YGG (Saint P x Lyrical Strally x PK) Set

A legend in the scene till the end, Sir Spyro has been freeing up all of that good good lately; in the form of an abundance of sets, featuring wavey riddim selections and some of the best MC’s in the scene, this DJ-Producer-Pioneer has been constantly blessing us.

With the combination of serious blends and undeniable mic-tekkers, Spyro enlisted the beloved YGG gang for this new one, with Saint P, Lyrical Strally and PK completely dominating the 30-minute performance. With instrumentals from JME, Wize, Logan and many more, this set takes us straight back to the non-stop shellings of YGG, and boy.. is it good to see the mandem back together. The connection between the infamous trio is unmatched, the levels through-out so unbelievably high that the 8,000 views in a day is completely understandable.

Want to understand the gas mark behind this link-up? Just type in ‘Spyro YGG’ on Twitter, or head over to the YouTube comments, and read. The reaction and love for this set is a beautiful thing, and after each of the MC’s dropping solo music for a while, the reunion right before our eyes is a heart-warming situation.. Peace and order has been restored to the Grime scene.

Make sure you keep up to date with Sir Spyro and his Friday night shows on BBC 1Xtra, and Saint P, Lyrical Strally and PKon their collective and individual paths. The full set can be viewed via Sir Spyro’s YouTube channel.

Written by Miz (@MizMedia_)

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