Spyro is back with another classic 2 decks, 1 mixer, and 1 mic set. Five Mc’s putting on for their areas spraying on the set, and a back to back on the decks with Chimpo. All Mc’s are on top form, and you can feel the competition in the room. The set includes Mc’s from all different areas such as Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield and Nottingham which makes for an interesting contrast in the sound of the set.

Spyro and Chimpo’s mix features a lot of 2020 instrumentals, such as Footsie’s tune Hills of Zion, and Dexplicit’s Gotham, however the set is still filled with classics such as Jon E Cash Hoods Up, and Spyro’s own tune Side by Side. The Mc’s are also spitting about a lot of big topics in Grime such as Local spitting about Stormin’s passing, he pays his respects in his lyrics on the set “RIP to the man like Stormin that’s why I gotta say topper top topper”. He also references his clash with Doris on Lord of the Mics, bigging up all parties involved.

Overall the flows are tight from everyone, Local and Slay stood out to me the most however all Mc’s provide good competition and keep each other on their game. Its sick to see Mc’s from all different areas raising the levels for each other on the mic, with Spyro and Chimpo’s mix complementing the energy in the room. All Mc’s on the set are worth watching out for in the future.

BagZe @Bxgze

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