SBK & Friends Livestream

SBK & Friends Livestream

One of Grimes most innovative talents, SBK, hosts his very own livestream, SBK & Friends, featuring some the most acclaimed artists in the scene.

The line up included this years Best Grime Actwinner JME and Best Grime Actnominee Manga Saint Hilare, as well as Shorty, Micofcourse, Jimothy Lacoste, Duppy, Warz and SBK himself, with DJs Oblig, Chapo, Mixtress and J Oh Zee in the mix.

The set was streamed live via Twitch and YouTube and was inevitably a spectacle of some of Grimes most inured veterans.

The stream saw a triumphant reception from both artists and lovers of the scene alike, with many singing their praises on Twitter.

2020 has seen a string of impressive accolades for SBK and he recently took to Twitter to share an inspiring testimony: I started this year with –£20 in my bank account and no roof over my head. Im ending it with hundreds of thousands of listens and tens of thousands of music money made, as the director of my own company and record label. More importantly I found mindfulness and know who I am.

SBK & Friendslooks to be a fruitful addition to the already exalting blueprint that SBK has forged so far this year.

Chloe Mykel @Cocomykel

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