Rude Kid x Sir Spyro ‘Rude Sounds’ – Interview by QueenBekz

Rude Kid x Sir Spyro ‘Rude Sounds’ Interview by QueenBekz

QB – So how did the joint EP come about, with you and Spyro, and what was the inspiration behind it?

RK – How that came about? It was just organic man, it was more just us two saying it would be sick, if we done something joint, because we were linking up to make beats anyway, and I think we made one ages


ago, I can’t even remember the date or the year, and then we made another one called ‘Sekky’ (QB – yeah, and Capo Lee vocalled it) RK – yeah and Tinchy Stryder vocalled it as well, he vocalled it originally, and then the beat was given to Capo, so anyway, I went to Spyro’s studio, and the rest is history.

SS – Do you know what, for me, it was like remixing each other’s tunes you know, like ages ago, and it was ‘Tekkers’, and ‘Voices’, and it was a couple years after, and he said ‘let’s link up’, and basically, we didn’t even know we was making the EP, or for me, I didn’t, I just thought we was messing around, making some tunes, and then, literally, the first tune we made might have been ‘Sekky’, and then, from there, it just, we was just rolling, like ‘Rah,we got an EP on the way’.

QB – I was going to ask, did you go to each other’s studios, and was it done during COVID?

RK – Yeah, it wasn’t like a thing where (QB – you just sent stuff back and forth?) RK – Nah, we were actually together, so on the EP there’s 4 tunes that we made together, and then ones his and ones mine, so there’s six tracks altogether. After doing those tunes together, we were just like ‘Let’s just do an EP man’, and we both agreed to it, and here we are man, the ep’s out on Friday.

SS – In the beginning, ‘cause, I know he was on the road a lot, so, in the beginning, it was long, but then we made the time, then after that, the time got a little bit worse, so we started like, sending each other, like, when it got to the end of the EP, we were sending each other stems.

QB – So does the EP have a set vibe, or is it different vibes, set to the same tempo?

RK – Nah it’s not a set vibe, every tune’s (QB – Different) RK – Yeah man, I was having fun you know, I didn’t even think about all of that (QB – That’s the most organic process, when you’re just having fun, and not even thinking about it, and it just happens) RK – Yeah, yeah, more of that, like just making a melody in the studio, and he’s added his thing to it, or, even if I’ve took my laptop to his studio, and I’ve got something on the laptop, or I’ve made something, and then he’s added bits to it, or vice versa. It’s more just what sounded good, instead of like ‘let’s have a theme behind it’. It was like these tunes are gonna go off in the rave, and let’s just put it out.

SS – Do you know what yeah, I tried to basically make sure yeah, that we had like elements, that we’d normally do, that were going through the tunes.

QB – Do you both use the same programs?

RK – We Don’t, I use FL Studio, and he uses Logic, but because we’re together we can just export it, takes about 10 seconds, but yeah, the only tunes we didn’t do like that together, were the tunes we did ourselves, basically.

SS – I used to use Fruity Loops, but I use Logic now.

QB – so what made you choose to do an instrumental joint EP, instead of a vocalled one, with artists?

RK – Do you know what, it was just easier to do, number one, and number two, I feel like producers have their own name, like me and Spyro, I would like to think we’ve got some sort of name and, yeah, you do not need and MC (QB – No you don’t, your tunes carry their weight) Yeah that’s the whole thing, we probably could’ve gotten vocals on it, but that would’ve taken longer, saying that it did take long to come out, it was just a thing that we were like Doing you know what, let’s just put this out on Friday, because it’s taking long now, let’s just put it out, let’s not hold music hostage any more’, but yeah, we need to show people, like yeah man, we’ve got this (QB – Yeah, levels), like yeah, we got the same powers as MCs, like we can shut down raves as well, like, with tunes, with the instrumentals (QB – I love that).

SS – Well, the truth is, for me, the reason why I chose to do the instrumental EP is ‘cause, it needs to happen more, as producers, we need to let go of music more, and music in general (QB – Yeah, RK said about holding music hostage, that’s why you just decided, like yeah, let’s release it all) SS – like yeah, we need to like, yeah, there’s gonna be a lot more music coming, it’s like it’s a good challenge to let go of…whatever you’ve produced, and whatever comes out…or whatever program you’re using, do you know what I mean?

QB – So you’ve both remixed tracks of each other’s in the past, like ‘Voices’, and obviously ‘Tekkers’, what is your favourite Sir Spyro instrumental?

RK – What of all time? (QB – Yup!) He’s got a lot man, that’s a hard question, do you know what I like; I forgot what the instrumental was called, but I like the ‘Topper Top’ instrumental (QB – Yeah everyone likes that one, it’s always gonna go off, whether it’s the instrumental or the vocal).

SS – One of my favourite instrumentals Rude Kid has produced would have to be ‘Voices’ (QB – That’s why you remixed it) SS – Yeah that’s why I wanted to remix it, it was one of my favourite tunes, when o heard it I was like ‘Nah,this is mad like’. The reaction that it got, on radio, in venues, was just the same reaction, you get me? I was out there, and tune there, was my favourite tune.

QB – Have you got any plans to do any more collaborations in the future?

RK – Maybe, maybe, like I don’t really (QB – make plans?) RK – Yeah! It just happens, yeah but me and Spyro will definitely do another EP together, and then I don’t mind working with other producers as well, like (QB – It’s been a long time coming) RK – Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’ll just go and sit in the studio with just anyone and do a project with them, you know what I mean, like, but for me to be in a studio with someone, it’s more on a vibe basis (QB – Well it’s if you get on, if you gel, I think like, that’s what makes it organic, otherwise it’s too forced) RK – Yeah, like even this EP like, I know I can just call Spyro and say like ‘We’re doing da da da da’, and he’s like ‘Sick, yeah, let’s do it’. It’s not even a thing where it’s like ‘Yeah, you gotta talk to my manager, you know what I mean, like he’s my friend, I can call him, and same vice versa, he can call me and be like ‘Come, we do this’, you get me? So, like, ‘yeah man, let’s do it’.

SS – Definitely (QB – Definitely?) SS – Definitely. I think, let’s see what we hear from me and Rudes, I think you might hear it quicker than the way this ones come out, ‘cause we have literally,we have held this music hostage (laughs), but, yeah (QB – Keep our ears open!) SS – I’m exited about this one you know, I can’t lie to you (QB – Are you? I love it when people are excited about music) SS – Do you know what the maddest thing is, when it’s like ten to twelve, at midnight, and your tune’s coming out, and you’re like ‘F**k, I can’t change anything’ (Shared laughter) that’s the maddest thing, you know, you’re like ‘sh*t that ad-lib, you know, did I change it?’ (QB – I hear what you mean, I hear, I hear).

QB – Do you find that your producing styles, like the process, is similar, do you always start at the same point?

RK – Me and Spyro? (QB – Yeah) RK – Nah, I think we’re both different, I feel like he starts with the drums more time, I’m more, I start of with the melody, but I think everyone makes beats their own way, like that’s why they’re so unique (QB – Definitely). My tune will never sound like a Spyro tune, and a Spyro tune will never sound like mine, yeah man, we’re two different people, two different producers, and two different styles (QB – I hear that, and I feel that).

SS – We produce in similar ways, but at the same time, his methods are a little bit different to mine, I used to produce in the way he produces, but now I use like a keyboard to help me get melodies out a bit more, instead of writing them in with a mouse, like my creative process comes out a bit better when I’m using a keyboard.

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