Rolla ‘Charlie Sheen Freestyle’

Following on from his recent release ‘
Blessed’ with Crafty 893, Rolla is back with another big tune ‘Charlie Sheen Freestyle’.

This time Rolla has enlisted another of the scene’s most inventive production wizards, North London musical pioneer Wize, for this new one. Rolla crushes Wize’s melodic beat with a relentless slew of bars, crisply delivered. His clarity is impressive, making it easy to pick up his clever witticisms and punchy rhymes.

Rolla seems like he’s on a roll at the moment (pun honestly not intended) and I look forward to what’s to come as he builds towards his upcoming 13-track mixtape ‘Mind Over Matter’, which will be available to pre-order on the 27th September.
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Kase @OriginalKamS

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