Preditah – Blank Canvas Vol. 2

In this EP Preditah experiments a lot on tracks such as WWF and Semi-Tone. His first track “Donkey Kong” is more of the Preditah sound that we have all come to know over the years, twisted synths on top of VOX stabs with orchestral instruments fading in and out. The track is reminiscent of older tracks that he made years ago such as Green Goblin. A good opener to the EP, nothing to far from home just Preditah doing his thing on the buttons.

The Second Track “WWF” is where this project gets experimental, the track consists of hard orchestral instruments over hard drums in a break beat format. The track is a lot different from most of Preditah’s work. It’s a solid idea and foundation but in my opinion the track needed more layers to it to keep it interesting however Preditah gets creative with its outro by adding filter effects.

The third track “Channel U” sounds like a classic Grime instrumental made in that era by the likes of people such as Dexplicit and Wiley with “Forward Riddim” and “Snowman”. The track mixes classic instrumental drawn out riffs with electronic basslines and skippy Grime drums. Preditah even uses some similar sounds to the “ice bass” that Wiley used on tunes like Igloo.

The fourth track “Semi-Tone” is also a more experimental tune using a lot of dropping basslines played over break beat drum formats with synth stabs played over the top and VOX stabs to emphasize the breaks. Like WWF I think this tune could use more layers to it to give it more substance as it is almost a 4 minute track.

Overall an EP which goes to a lot of different places considering it’s only a 4 track ep. Donkey Kong and Channel U are the more traditional tunes on this project and WWF and Semi-Tone provide experimental sounding tunes however I think Preditah is still finding his sound in that area.

BagZe @BxgZe

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