Potter Payper ‘Training Day 3

UK rapper Potter Payper has been working hard in the studio ever since he got released from prison back in June, and there’s been a buzz around him since he dropped “Training Day 3” on the 18th September. Four days after releasing the highly awaited mixtape, it’s already on its way to securing a top 40 on the official charts, in what will possibly be a major milestone for the talented rapper.

The brand-new mixtape, which is the third instalment of his Training Day mixtape collection, is filled with 24 singles highlighting all different aspects of Payper’s musical abilities. As Payper opens up about his life with his immediately recognisable and hard-hitting flow, nothing is off limits.

“Bon Appetite” is dedicated to his “G’s” as he spits bars on a more melodic and laid-back instrumental, dedicated to those that have supported him throughout his career so far, while on “Round Here” you can hear Payper’s self-confidence come through as he offloads lyrics about street life, proving how much of a versatile rapper he is.

“Training Day 3” is a solid mixtape that allows you to dive deeper into Potter Payper’s past, enabling listeners to connect with him on a deeper level than ever before, featuring production from some of the biggest producers in the UK, 5ive Beats, Da Beatfreakz, M1OnTheBeat and more, “Training Day 3” is definitely worth a listen.

Jade Dadalica @Jade120_

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