P Money ‘While We Wait’ EP

Wooii, come on! P Money has delivered a slick ‘While We Wait’ Ep, with a ten minute video, to boot,  to tide us over until he drops his upcoming album with Silencer, later this year.

Featuring Mez, IzaMik & Boofy on production, and bringing Mez in as an MC on the track he produced, as well, we get a broad spectrum of Grime across the three tracks, with P Money matching the styles seamlessly, throughout.

The ten minute accompanying video shows all three tracks shot in a car park, with P Money moving physically between the three tracks, and spots, as the riddims, and accompanying crew, or lack thereof, themselves switch up flawlessly. Very clever.

‘Bumbaclart Riddim’ Ft. Mez, Prod. Mez

Oooof! This one is a whole vibe. Bringing a carnival style To the beat, Mez makes use of an incredibly simple string synth melody, and a heavy 808/snare pattern, and leaves it at that, allowing both MCs to go all the way off on the track, spitting in patois, full clip, energy crew flows about being the realest, the hardest in music, and life, work rate, being the best around, getting gyal, and money. A bop.

Is Someone There, Prod. IzaMik

This one comes slightly gospel, with vocal choir, and string synth melodies, a heavy 808/snare pattern, and rolling hihats, it has a sombre tone, and P Money glides over the beat in a softer flow, as he quietly explains the dark time he’s had in the recent past, where he split from his baby mum and his son was in hospital, all while he was expected to perform a show, and how he flopped it. He goes on to explain he was also so unwell, he had to get screened for a variety of serious medical issues, and then wait to find out if he’d developed cancer, as well as losing his Granddad, his grandma being unwell, and his family struggling under the strain. He closes the track sharing that he has a girl now, and she is bringing some light back to his life. Deeper vibes.

‘Pagans Everywhere’, Prod. Boofy

Jheeeze! With dual layered atmospheric synths, a hard 808 pattern, light snare and hihats, and the occasional scratch, P Money patterns the ominous track with a heads up for the scene. Coming for a few people, still, he shells about not being cool with certain man, but notes that he tries to fly above it, at any rate, because of his loyalty to mutuals, and also warns that anyone who’s come for him, hasn’t gone unnoticed. Later he shares that he’s unbothered by the ‘King of Grime’ title, because of the state of the scene, as he finds it, going on to remark that not enough people are bigging up the gyaldem, despite a fair few of them being able to spin a man, and later he calls out the mandem that chat to you in the DMs about how you got it on lock, but won’t tweet it with their chests. He closes the riddim by saying he’s sick of hearing Grime’s dead, especially when he makes 100 bags a year from streams alone. Cold.

Another excellently produced, well crafted, and slickly delivered project from P Money, ‘While We Wait’.


By DirtyCipher @DirtyCipher

Run up the audio here!

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