Oblig Christmas Showcase – Rinse FM

Oblig Christmas Showcase (with M.I.C., Melvillous, K9, Micofcourse, SBK, Duppy, Logan, Razor, Faultsz, Jammz, Joe Fire, Tintz, Lyrical Strally) – Rinse FM

DJ Oblig rounds off the year with one of the best sets we’ve seen in 2020 for sure, showing off the best underground grime talent in our scene, with the likes of SBK, K9, Logan, Razor and more.

This is an hour and 20 minutes of some of the hardest grime you’ll hear this year and Oblig expertly picks some crazy beats for the MCs to spit over. Some of the beats fuse grime with drill, which may be a new avenue for some MCs to explore; it sounds cold so hopefully we get more of this in the music.

Some standout reloads were from Faultz, with “Try to move to girls but your head is oblong”, which then funnily led to Oblig being renamed Oblong instead from a couple of MCs for the rest of the set.

Another stand out reload was from M.I.C., where he exposes some trauma with “If you get a terminal illness, i’ll pull out the IV drip”, which K9 funnily questions.

The last 13 minutes sees all the MCs go back to back with 16s and 8-bar’s, which is a great way to round off the year, which has been one of the best ever for grime in a very long time.

Jack: @jacksquared_

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