Novelist ‘Dun Know (Part 1), Prod. Prem

Sitting comfortably in his own lane, Lewisham musician, Novelist brings us ‘Dun Know’. Known for bringing his own style to everything he touches; this one is no different. With visuals shot by Kwimoh, and the instrumental produced by Prem, Novelist’s brother, greatness is only to be expected.

“Pull up in the dance and light it, dun know/Now the girls get excited, dun know.”

Novelist has chosen to release two different versions of this track. A more lairy version which is paired with the visuals. Giving us a classic hood feel to a video, bringing in those around him and just creating a vibe that can be felt through the ad-libs. However, we have also been blessed with a studio version on streaming platforms, for the times where you want to listen without getting too hyped.

The night vision style video, brought to us by Kwimoh, pairs perfectly with the call and response type bars we hear repeated in the chorus. Creating a military style vibe to display the family ties within the Navy Music Group, whilst also showing that they are not to be taken lightly.

Kwimoh displays ridiculous talent throughout his work. Brining a real authentic and unique style to photography, it is always obvious when you are looking at one of his projects. Due to his work rate over the past year, and the relationship he has built with Novelist after creating cover art for ‘Rain Fire’, it is no surprise that the pair chose to co-direct this video together, showing that as well as Novelist wanting to be involved in every step of his art, he also only works with those that are close to him.

“Only my man are invited, dun know.”

Prem always brings something magical to instrumentals, but this one truly is special. The production mimics a synthwavestyle, bringing a retro electronic sound together  with crisp claps and the consistent high hats we are used to hearing. A steady instrumental juxtaposed with aggressive lyrics perfectly reflects a slow drive through the city at night, and this is the perfect track to do that.

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Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt


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