Nolay – Choke On My Name (Freestyle)

After a series of Instagram freestyles calling out the female rap scene for being too arrogant and forgetting her, and a beef with Trillary Banks brewing up nicely, Nolay has released a freestyle called “Choke On My Name”.

This isn’t a direct send for Trillary, Nolay stated on her Instagram story that this will come later this week. Instead, this is a sharp reminder to fellow female rappers and MCs that Nolay isn’t to play with on the microphone, and expresses her disgust at the false confidence that she has seen from others claiming superiority over her in the scene.

This definitely proves that Nolay is an elite level lyricist and isn’t one to mess with, and now we wait in excitement for a direct response to Trillary Banks, who she has ridiculed on social media.

Run the audio here!

Jack @Jacksquared_

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