Nasty Jack ‘Opp Farda 12’ Review by DirtyCipher

Releasing an 11 track album, Nasty Jack has come to liven up your summer, with a project full of fire! Proving once again how versatile he is, this is an album full of creativity and flows, that you find yourself quoting for days. Jack’s had it on lock for a minute.

‘100 Links’ kicks of the project with a laid back pace, patterned with low end bass stabs, a light snare/hihat combo, and a simple bell-like synth melody, Jack laces the track with soft spoken flows, spitting about not wanting to stay doing up road, so going for the big time, and losing half his friends trying to get out. He shouts out those lost in music, and talks about how he’s gonna get it still, no matter how dark, because he’s got it like that. Wavey.

‘Eta’ ups the pace a little, with hard 808s, skippy hihats, and light synth melody’s, Jack comes with a little more energy, mixed with a melodic flow style, and patterns the track spitting about being one of the hardest out; ‘They all wanna know my ETA/Run a man down like GTA/Man’s too Wiley, no BBK’. Oiii.

’Run Up In Traffic, Ft. President T’ (previously reviewed by us) is a wickedly vibey track. With Jack and Prez T being consistent shellers from early, the MCs have come together to pattern a mostly empty, yet fully mucky riddim, shelling about being the sickest MCs, the hardest out and getting to the bag, still. A whole wave!

‘Swaggy In The Baggy (Jackum Remix)’ switches pace even more, with an off kilter piano synth intro, switching into a distorted continuous melody pattern, then back again throughout, pattered with rolling hihats, Jack shells down the riddim with darker flows this time, spitting about being reckless, living large, being the sickest, and getting the bag. Greaze.

‘Brandon Lee Dance On Smoke, Ft. Snowy Danger’ is a fully melodic vibe, with a simple piano synth, rolling hihats and a deep 808, Jack and Snowy pattern the beat with a half sung hook, and vibey flows about loud packs. A wave.

‘Steppin’ comes laid back again, with a drawn out piano melody which occasionally becomes like a soundscape, a hard, but sparse kick/snare combo, and skippy hihats, Jack spits about work rate, keeping it 100, being the illest, the hardest, and getting the bag, by using the phrase ‘steppin’ in as many iterations as possible. Vibes.

‘No Behaviour, Ft. Milli Major & Paper Pabs’ is another wavy, laid back riddim, with OGs Jack, Milli & Pabs coming shelly with it, with plenty of melody and tekky patterns, spitting about road and realness. You’ll  be doing up ad-libs for days. Sick.

‘Wacko Jacko’ comes with hard skippy drum patterns, piano melodies muted in an out, and a high, high synth floating over the top in the hook, Jack spits this one harder, still, chatting about the gyaldem, partying and road, with a play on a classic Michael Jackson ad-lib for the hook. A bop.

‘Bad Like Boosie, Ft. Griminal’ comes dark with it, with an alarm like melody line, deep 808s, skippy hihats and laden with ad-libs and vocal effects, Jack shells down the track spitting about being real, and being better than all of them man, as well as paying homage to Boosie on the hook. Griminal comes like a full clip, reminding them man he’s really about it. Greaze.

‘Kweff Bae’ is a full riddim with heavy kick/snare, continuous hihats, and deep piano melody, with Jack half singing about road, being real, and gyal. A wave.

‘Tech9ine, Ft. Yungha’ finishes the project on a mazza, with a booming distorted 808, hard snare, computer synths, and layered bars, Jack and Yungha shell down the track with bars about being the hardest, hating the fakes, and keeping it all the way real, with Yungha shelling the hook like slugs to your chest. Jheeeeze!

Jack’s done it again, and produced yet another project that stays with you long after the plays, and has you shouting wheel ups for days.

Another wicked project!

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