Nasty Jack – Stormin Energy, Prod. Shannon Parkes

Nasty Jack – ‘Stormin Energy’, Prod. Shannon Parkes

Linking up with Shannon Parkes, an MC/Producer coming out of Greenwich, Nasty Jack brings us a volatile new track entitled ‘Stormin Energy’. The high energy track is unapologetically Nasty Jack. Bringing his unique style to everything he touches, the varied approach to flows in ‘Stormin Energy’ is no different. Creating melodic hooks whilst still displaying that raw Grime aggression that he has become so known for.

Flipping Joy Orbison’s ever popular ‘Hyph Mngo’ which originally sampled Janet Jackson’s ‘Love Will Never Do’, Shannon Parkes has created an insane instrumental. Being an in-house producer for WAVE Gang, Shannon has been consistently displaying his talents as a producer for quite some time now. Creating instant classics whenever he touches the buttons.

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Luke Bryant @LukeBryxnt

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