Nasty Jack & Podgy Figures ‘Poap’

Nasty Jack slows it down on this single to create a more melodical tune filled with deep bars about his come up in life and in his area. From growing up as a kid in west London to grinding away on the roads as he got older. Nasty Jack does a lot of reflecting on this tune even speaking about one of his friends who died who just lived a normal life with a 9 to 5. The vocal hook also plays a big part in setting the atmosphere for the tune as it plays at the beginning establishing that this is not a fast paced grime song and is something completely different.

Nasty Jack has been known in Grime for his irregular and unorthodox styles that he is able to make sound sick on tunes, he also brings this onto this tune however he does it in a very different manner to how he would usually do it on Grime. The 73 bpm instrumental makes Jack spray his bars in different ways than what he would usually do on a Grime instrumental. Instead of the fast and aggressive style of spitting and using fast melodies Jack calms it down leaving much more space between his words and even stretches them out at times to fit in with the bars.

It can be hard for Grime Mc’s to slow themselves down on tunes let alone do it well however Nasty Jack absolutely killed the flow on this tune and his bars carry a lot of weight, I was surprised by how good the delivery was.

BagZe @BxgZe

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