Nasty Jack Kweff Baby- The Mixtape

Nasty Jack
Kweff Baby- The Mixtape

West London MC and Producer Nasty Jack has continually boasted an exceptional work rate. From award winning achievements to the delivery of infectious riddims,Nastypermeates the scene with his iconic sound.

No doubt about it, 2020 has been a busy year for the MC, serving up a host of projects such as; Jack On The Beat 2, Shungite and Opp Farda 12.

To end the year on a sweet note, the multi-skilled musician takes us on a journey of lyricism and melodic beats in the shape of mixtape Kweff Baby.

Coming heavy from the get go, Jack enlists a heavyweight team of producers. Seeing the likes of Filthy Gears, Shannon Parkes, DJ Geeneus, So Real Sounds, ADP ,Hydrollixx, DJScholar, Specialist Moss and Nasty Jack himself step forward to sculpt a bag of heavy beats. Each producer with their unique style brings a distinctive flavour to the track list, from solemn slow tempos to vigorous, bass-heavy sounds.

When we turn talk to lyrical features, they are kept minimal. We witness the likes of Manga Saint Hilare,Mez and Swarvoenlisted to touch mic on a handful of tracks, other than that the versatile MC takes a predominantly solo approach.

As expected from a showcase courtesy of Nasty Jack, we were spoilt with a lengthy 12 track long list. Opening with a nostalgic sounding grime riddim like ‘40’ and closing with a slightly more light hearted, adaptable track ‘Lads Wknd’. This juxtaposition of sounds just further demonstrates the flexible approach to music that Nasty Jack is able to take.

Sandwiched in between these two contrasting tunes, a choosing of carefully crafted beats and bars. Each and every track featured on the track list holds meaning and message through its lyrics. No two tracks the same suggests there’s something for everyone here- a mixed bag of sounds and an exhibition of UK talent.

Kweff Baby holds its own as a memorable mixtape, not one track taking a backseat as an album filler.

Take in the project here!

Shan Selena @seljw99

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