Monkstar ‘Biggerman’ Prod. Biggaman – Review & Interview By DirtyCipher


Biggerman’ is a wavy 5 track EP by Monkstar, produced by Biggaman, replete with features, from Sharee Lewis, Esskay, Godsgift and Rival, and this one is a deeper wave. With a mix of both fluid, and gunshot style flows, this one has a more conscious style of bars, inasmuch as they speak of reality, and struggle, delivered in a bid to educate and uplift the listener, juxtaposed with a hard hitting style, with Biggaman on the buttons, providing a range of emotive styles throughout.

Welcome To The Jungle’ Ft. Sharee Lewis is a hard hitting opener to the EP, with the bars being the main focus, Biggaman backs the pattern with vocal choir synths, a light drum combo and record scratches, while the bars tell a tale of struggle, wanting better, and using your gifts to rise above your circumstances. Punchy.

So Many’ Ft. Sharee Lewis & Esskay changes pace slightly with a more dramatic beat, A high pitched warning-like synth plays continuously,  while complex drum patterns come in and out, and the occasional distorted horn stab provides depth. The MCs shell the riddim shelling about becoming more than you are, growth, and rising above your circumstances, no matter how dark. Heavy.

Biggerman’, Ft Godsgift switches it up again, using a Cypress Hill bar for the hook ‘Here is something you can’t understand, how I could just kill a man’, followed by Monkstar’s own addition is ‘don’t give a damn, but I can’t entertain these Lickle man, so I gotta be the bigger man’, and the rest of the bars tell a story of coming from the road, being real, being set up by society to fail, and the scene being full of fakes, but rising above it in order to do right, be right, and win properly. Biggaman patterns this one with vocal synth, soundscape-like melody, rolling hihats and hard drums. This ones a vibe!

Grime God’ Comes with samples, a soundscape, hard drums, and a lazy, atmospheric  vocal synth floating in and out, and rolling hihats, and the riddim is patterned with full flows about Monkstar coming for his dues, doing the ting properly, and warns them man to move out his way, and watch him claim what he sees as his – being a Grime God. Wavy.

Back From The Grave’ Ft. Rival finishes big, with a dramatic and ominous synth melody, heavy horn bass stabs, flute-like synth accents, a hard kick/snare and skippy hihats, the bars come lick a shelling, spraying down the riddim telling them man that they’re back to collect the bag, now they got the whole game on lock, and business savvy to boot, so they’d better look sharp. Hard.

A sick project, showcasing a variety of style and flows, with as many beats, that inspires a motivation to do better, and be better. Deeper vibes.


Run it up here! Want to know more? Interview Below…


Where did your passion for grime come from?

I’ve always had a passion for music in general, so when I started to express myself musically, I found it was Grime as we know it now, that represented me, my energy, my surroundings, my outlook on life, and it became [my] life.

You mention you had a break from music, why was that, and what did you do during that time? 

So before the break I was in Newham Generals, signed to Dizzee Rascals Label and we were planning to do our 2nd UK tour, and I just felt I needed to find some real answers about me personally and about life. I believed there was more to life than Monkstar, and Grime, and raving, and drinking, and money etc. I saw I was becoming very tunnel visioned, and at the time my son was 3 and even my smoking habit was effecting my relationship with him. Long story short I left the label, the group, I went church, stop smoking, I started to work with my community with people less fortunate, I set up a few recording studios to support my youth and community work, and I began to teach music, and set up a label, and all this, while still growing spiritually. Now I’m back with a better ability, a better understanding, and a far better motive.

I get an overall sense from your lyrics that you have indomitable motivation, what is the driver behind this?

Life motivates me, me being alive. My ability is motivation, I believe what I have is a gift so I desire to give it and execute it in the best way possible. 

You sampled cypress hill for Biggerman, what other artists inspire you?

For the record that was Godsgift’s idea. He heard that hook when I had sent him the original instrumental. I was a massive rap follower growing up, and was inspired by real lyricism and real different characters, like Pharaoh Monch, Black Thought, Busta, Royce, Andre 3000, L.O.K (D Block), 3 6 Mafia, Twista… there’s loads I can mention, each had individualism and skill.

Your lyrics show that you’ve clocked a lot of life, and the music industry is set up for people to fail, what advice would you give a younger you?

Probably more to be about the business. As much as it is fun, for it to be sustainable, you need to have an understanding of how to monetize what you have. That’s something I lacked.

Finally what inspired you to come back to music and Grime?

It has to be God. There was an open opportunity and I took it, and since then I’ve been growing from strength to strength.  I believe stuff needs to be said, difference needs to exist, the foundation of the genre has to be strengthened, and the future needs to be secure for many more artists to carry this scene forward.

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