MOBOS 2020 – Best Grime Act Nominations

MOBOS 2020 – Best Grime Act Nominations

The nominees for the first MOBO awards since 2017 have been released, and the “Best Grime Act” is a highly respected award, that is very topical amongst the scene.

First up, Ghetts. He is on one of the best track runs we’ve seen in the scene, starting with “Listen” for the Top Boy soundtrack, to now with the legendary “IC3” with Skepta and “Where’s Ghetts”, the freestyle about his recent arrest. The anticipation for his new, upcoming album couldn’t be higher, and he has further cemented himself as a grime legend.

Ghetts’ previous rival, (in one of the most legendary and close clashes the scene has seen) P Money, is also nominated for the award. He has been working non-stop since what feels like forever, with countless features and projects such as “While We Wait”, a three-track EP released due to the delay of his previously announced EP, from which “The Calling” and “You Get Me” are supposed to be featured on. There is no doubt that P is one of the most hardworking MCs in the game and deserves this nomination.

Former Roll Deep MC Manga Saint Hilare (also one of the most underrated artists around) has been nominated for what has been one of his best years as an artist, with his outstanding album “Make It Out Alive” and multiple, brilliant EPs on his Bandcamp page where he reworks some of his best songs with a completely new production style. He also has an excellent resume of features over the last 12 months and should be a clear favourite to win this award.

Capo Lee is next up, who has also been extremely consistent, with his collaboration EPs “Royal Rumble” – with Big Zuu, Eyez and Kamakaze – and “Clash Of The Pagans” with Merky Ace. He has also appeared on the Against All Odds soundtrack, the Heavytrackerz album and has dropped bangers with Jme and with Big Zuu.

Finally, the UK’s most featured artist has been nominated. Jme. “Grime MC” is arguably one of the best grime albums to release in recent years, and charting in the top 40 with only physical sales shows his popularity with the public. He has stuck to his moniker; in the last 12 months, he has featured for Yizzy, Capo Lee, Frisco, D Double E, Chip and countless more.

With all artists having a fantastic 12 months, it is surely going to be close to decide the winner, and whoever doesn’t win may feel hard done by. Some artists, such as Yizzy, also feel left out at their lack of nomination, but these are the 5 that have been chosen and the public will vote to decide their best grime act at the MOBOs.

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