MIZ – #GOMurkSessions

MIZ – #GOMurkSessions

Grime Originals brings us another fire performance from the Grime Originals Show segment “GOMurkSessions” featuring strong emotional performance’s from MIZ bringing us some of her new material such as Boxes and classics such as Better Days.

MIZ starts off by performing unreleased tune “Boxes” where she reveals various deep subjects about her past that led her into becoming the women she is today. Her bars come with such a rough edge to them expressing her frustration perfectly, especially the “nights back then” hook was a personal favourite of mine as it captures the energy perfectly and is combined with some sick story telling.

MIZ keeps the vibe up choosing to perform one of her classics “Better Days” in which she goes into various stories such as living through nightmares, taking time out the game and giving us many more details on her journey as well as coming in with hard grimy bars and wavy hooks, the way she is able to fit her different styles onto this beat and switch up her sound scape is unmatched by most artists.

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Written by BagZe (@Bxgze)

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