Milli Major – Lil Bro

On this track Milli Major speaks on his experience where he grew up and reflects on his little brother’s experience with getting arrested. This track is a lot slower than your normal Milli Major Grime tune as it is more of a storytelling track and Grime is not always the best genre to express yourself in this way, on.

The beat provides sliding basslines and melody stabs to compliment the vocals and puts more emphasis on the deeper bars and sets the atmosphere for the tune. The production allows for clean flows throughout the track and doesn’t feel like it’s competing with the vocals so you can hear them clearly which is important on a tune like this.

Overall a tune for Milli Major to reflect on things that have happened to him and things that happen to other people where he is from or people in similar situations. Some Grime Mc’s try and do Drill to ride the wave and fit in with the current scene however Milli Major uses the styles of productions to tell his stories and reflect on life, he’s in his own lane not trying to compete with no one.

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