Mez ‘Tyrone 3’

Mez- Tyrone 3

The Tyrone EP series has kept fans hooked… Mez has again come through offering a third helping in the form of ‘Tyrone 3’.

As far an an EP goes, the Nottingham barrer has been generous in offering up 10 heavy tracks, with this we see the completion of the trilogy itself.

Throughout the EP,, we see Mez take us on a journey, demonstrating his versatility with some infectious flows, and a vast selection of different sounds and riddims. From serving up cold grime bangers such as ‘Silas’ and ‘Gravel Pit’ and then to contrast this repertoire, presenting us with a more relaxed Afro basement vibe on other tracks. A bold move in terms of show casing his versatility to various different genres.

Overall, the project has gone down well with grime fans, with sell out copies and fans taking to social media to big it up. Whenever we are promised great work from Mez, he delivers in abundance. Strong offerings from the Microphone Champ in what’s seeming to be a very successful year for him. We are gassed to what’s to come.

Shan Selena @Seljw99

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