Meridian Dan Fire in The Booth part 2

Meridian Dan Fire in The Booth part 2

Meridian Dan is back with his second Fire in The Booth and goes in 3 times on beats from Jme, Jackum and Silencer.

Meridian Dan comes in strong with his return to the booth speaking on events from his past and how he effected the scene as well as speaking on what hes been up to while he was away from the mic and what’s different now. Dan takes this opportunity to express himself on different types of tunes as well. He comes in on a more experimental Grime instrumental produced by Jme. He then slows it down for the second tune which is a dark sounding rap instrumental produced by Jackum allowing for Dan to switch it up and show us what he can do on other music. Dan brings back the classic Grime energy that we all love him for and plays to his strengths on the last track over a Silencer Grime beat.

Meridian Dan has had a strong return so far and it seems like there is a lot more music to come from him and he is going to be back putting in work into the scene again soon alongside his old friends from back in the day.

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