Mayday ‘Whoosh’

Mayday- Whoosh

An example of passion and raw talent, Birmingham based MC Mayday has been blessing us over the pandemic period with a selection of new releases in the form of the ‘every second Tuesday’ series.

This time around, the West Midlands barrer serves us a vibrant new offering in the form of ‘Whoosh’. Produced and engineered by Dubzco, the skippy, dynamic instrumental comes laced with Maydays trademark flow. Having such a distinctive vocal and sound goes a long way in making May a memorable artist.

Throughout the riddim, there are enough bars for you headtop. as the straight spitting MC sets to work on portraying a no nonsense message. This gassed up track really encompasses the tenacity and infectious energy of the young MC. A rising star from the Brum town grime scene.

Run it up here!

Stay locked.

Shan Selena @Seljw99

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