Manga Saint Hilare – No Drama No Drama

Manga Saint Hilare – No Drama No Drama

Manga brings us visuals for “No Drama No Drama” from his new joint album with Lewi B “Glow in the Dark”

The track is a refreshing good vibes Grime tune, providing a setting that we don’t see too much in the Grime scene however this is nothing new to Manga’s style as he has been experimenting with the vibes on some of these new unorthodox Grime instrumentals. The instrumental contains a lot of smooth melodies and uplifting hooks to make up most of its format whilst using skippy drum patterns as background pieces to keep some familiarity to what were used to.

Visuals for this tune features Manga performing in a small party keeping up the vibe while people drink, play pool and enjoy the energy from the set. The visuals set a good scene for the tune as a lot of subjects on the tune are about keeping the negativity outside and not bringing it somewhere to enjoy yourself at.

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Written by BagZe (@Bxgze)

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