Manga Saint Hilare – Mirrorman (Face Myself) 

Manga Saint Hilare – Mirrorman (Face Myself) 

It has been an amazing year for Manga Saint Hilare. His work rate has been outstanding, from his acclaimed album “Make It Out Alive”, to self-produced instrumental and 2 remixed EPs, where he remakes the instrumentals to some of his best works. “Interlude Deluxe” dropped earlier this year and after releasing exclusively on Bandcamp, “Ultima Deluxe” released on all streaming platforms on Friday.

Along with this, he has released a video to “Mirrorman”, which remixes “Face Myself” from the aforementioned “Make It Out Alive” album. This has a much more mellow sound compared to the original, which has a much more traditional grimey sound. The more relaxed and chilled vibes is something that Manga has gone for on both of his remixed EPs this year, which suits him very well and also shows his talent as a producer.

The video is shot in black and white and is kept simple by the director, Adam Horton, which makes the message and meaning of the lyrics hit home even harder. He has a group of people in the video, in which they all group together for the end of the video, presenting a family type love and raw emotional honesty that the song carries and infects the listener with.

Manga Saint Hilare hasn’t missed once this year, consistently releasing gems and fully deserves the MOBO nomination for Best Grime Act, which he is up for on the 9th of December. He has cemented himself as one of the best talents in grime, not just as an MC but as a producer too.

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