Manga Saint Hilare – Friends and Family

Manga Saint Hilare – Friends and Family

2020 was, in my opinion, Manga’s best year as an artist yet. 3 days into 2021, he’s released a free EP on his Bandcamp for the true supporters to digest.

The EP consists of one vocal by Manga, 5 instrumentals, and then his Oblig set which closes out the EP.

The Kanye Stamp produced opening track, Without Fear, sees Manga preaching to his listeners to remove bad energy from your heart, and he references his 2019 collaboration album with Murkage Dave “We Need To Look After Us”, to tell the listeners to do exactly that. He says to “fear no one, only God” and “love’s what we focus on”. We’re starting 2021 spreading good vibes.

The next 5 tracks are instrumental riddims produced by Manga himself, which are all brilliant and he again is showing his talent as a producer as well as a grime MC. A stand out from these 5 tracks would have to be Fearless. It’s so laid back and feels like it’s lifting you up at the same time, it’s important for an instrumental to almost speak to you if you’re listening to it on its own. This certainly does that.

Also, I don’t know exactly what to call busyBusyBizeBizEE (I think I’ve spelt that right), but it’s absolutely cold and nothing like the rest of the riddims on here. Made me stop and screwface for a minute.

Big up Manga Saint Hilare for always giving his fans good music and staying loyal to the fans. The People’s MC.

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