Lolingo vs. Lyrical Strally EP

VS Lyrical Strally– Two heavyweight grime talents on one new EP

As grime fans, we are all no stranger to a gassed up collaboration. Whether it comes to spraying over a high energy instrumental or producing the beats themselves, we can sit back rest- assured knowing we are getting the very best content from our artists.

Today sees two heavyweights join forces to deliver us a dynamic new project in the shape of “Lolingo vs. Lyrical Strally EP”.

The five part project witnesses YGG barrer Strally give the works of producer Lolingo the lyrical treatment. The jointcollaboration boasts a versatile collection of beats and bars, each track unique in its execution, engineered expertly by the cold duo.

Opening with “Intro”, a swift showcase of what we can expect throughout the EP. Setting the pace perfectly, Strally wastes no time in going in with his signature flow. Following on with tracks “Batman” and “Feline”, both alike in their energy, the carefully crafted bars of the MC hook around the skippy riddims of Lolingo.

Such an energetic EP wouldn’t be complete without a freestyle in tact. “Dashboard (freestyle)”, the penultimate track, encompasses the lyrical greatness that is Strallyincorporated with the hard, bass-fuelled instrumental. Bringing us home, track five entitled “To-do list”. A lively and infectious beat married together with a set of no nonsense bars. A fitting way to end the project on a real high.

Safe to say, this release is memorable for many reasons. The main one being that the talent of both artists in question just seems compliment each-other with ease. Not one track on the list feels like a filler, each one holds its own.

Take the project in via Bandcamp.

Shan Selena @seljw99

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