Lewi B ‘Lockdown Riddim 2’

Following on from his up-lifting video ‘Lockdown Riddim 1’ Grime producer Lewi B has returned with ‘Lockdown Riddim 2’ which features over twenty talented MC’s showcasing their unique flairs and clever lyricism.

Lewi B appropriately starts the video with him doing a home workout, which many of us have had to adapt to, as he narrates over the beginning of the fiery instrumental created by himself: “Lockdown again, no one’s got anything to do, so I guess we’ve got to make some more bangers. Lockdown Riddim 2.”
Genesis Elijah immediately swings in bringing large amounts of energy as he spits bars from his studio as Chey follows on as she keeps up the energy delivering hard-hitting lyrics: “Me Lockdown? You must be mad, money for makes, secure that bag” as Doni Rampage hops on the track afterwards and so on.
‘Lockdown Riddim 2’ sheds light on the latest lockdown situation, as soon as you press play, your head will be bopping!
Performing in order of appearance:
Genesis Elijah
Doni Rampage
Black Steve
Tommy Biz
Frankie Staywoke
Lady Shocker
Snowy Danger
Shao Dow
C Gritz
Flow Teks
Snapz The Tallone
Mas Law
JoJo SoSick
Run it up!
Jade Dadalica @Jade120_

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